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June 17, 2009

More On Iranian Unrest, Cartooning

* here's a video report on Marjane Satrapi and fellow film director Mohsen Makhmalbaf's appearance in Brussels to decry the announced election results, including footage of the cartoonist giving testimony.

* Daryl Cagle has a section up on Iranian cartoons by various cartoonists who work through his site, including heavy-hitters like Mike Luckovich and Steve Benson. My disappointment that it took a couple of days wasn't meant as implied criticism, but as it turns out Cagle had been in Japan. Matt Bors was nice enough to send me a direct link to his cartoon on the matter.

* the BBC has the briefest of updates on the suspension of the newspaper Velayat, which an initial release via a Canadian presswire said was due to the publication of a cartoon. Apparently the newspaper that wrote about the suspension was also suspended. Here's the IFEX update on general journalist suppression.

* I noticed something looking at Nikahang Kowsar's cartoons again: he saw something coming.
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