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March 4, 2010

Moroccan Cartoonist Held In-Country?

This report from a Committee To Protect Journalists fact-finding mission to Morocco has a ton of material for anyone interested in a wider context to last year's troubles at publications in that country, which has been accused of hindering its press while at the same promoting itself as a liberal country when business interests call on them to do so. You even get the accusation that the journalists in question are trying to abdicate basic financial responsibilities by complaining to the US State Department, which is a pretty brutal argument.

A mention in the article that cartoonist Khalid Gueddar was prevented from traveling to Spain -- where I guess a number of Moroccans set up when they're exiled by political matters came as a surprise because the last I knew Gueddar was a) on trial for a cartoon he had done about a member of the royal family, and b) not even living in Morrocco anymore. I don't know if I can sort that out, but the overall impression seems to be that expression, including cartoon expression, has become subject to the same kind of legal pressures wielded by powerful public figures that seemed common in several countries during the fallout from the Danish Cartoons Controversey.
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