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November 5, 2010

Murder Charges Remain Possibility In July New York Comic Book Theft

Even though 77-year-old Homer Marciniak died some time after a robbery of his comics collection in July and had a pre-existing condition, authorities mustering a case against several men in the July 5 crime are keeping murder charges on the table. In fact, they're keeping racketeering murder on the table, because that deed would have come in the course of a planned crime. The key apparently is a serology expert that will examine blood shed by Marciniak after being hit during the robber for enzymes that would indicate the heart attack was already underway.

The article also names the five people that under instructions from alleged mastermind Rico Vendetti committed the crime: Arlene Coombs, Timothy Williams, Albert Parsons, Terry Stewart and Juan Javier. Two of those five were arrested in Florida. The police estimate that the collection may have worth as much as $100,000.
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