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November 24, 2004

MV Creations Makes Appeal to Fans

imageFrom the comic book news and commentary site Comic Book Resources comes the sad but not particularly heartbreaking story of MV Creations. The comic book studio has enjoyed a series of business reversals that sounds like one of those black-and-white bust indy publishing sob stories.

The group behind the latest round of He-Man comics moved from a largely underperforming Image Comics to a barely-paying-anyone and eventually bankrupt CrossGen Entertainment, then ran afoul of its primary license partner, then tried what sounds like a pretty underwhelming switch in business emphasis, and now is asking for donations and direct purchases in the hopes of raising $82,000 to fully pay back creators. Adding to the strangeness of the story, MVC's predicament is related to CBR in a relentless, jaunty, and slightly dotty -- does adding Dragon's Lair to He-Man really count as movement? -- style that recalls a discussion over cocktails you end by inventing a spouse waiting in the car. Still, lots of details.

According to the very cute fundraising thermometer, almost $10,000 has been raised thus far, which means at least the rent has been paid.
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