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September 7, 2019

My Other Job: CXC 2019 Figures With Patreon Account Or Something Similar To One



Beat the rush and got on board with those CXC 2019 guests that could use direct support for their work via the Patreon site.

* Natasha Alterici (Special Guest)
* Nick Anderson (AAEC)
* Ivy Atoms

* Hakim Callwood (Instructor, Exhibitor)

* Carta Monir (Special Guest)
* Bryan Christopher Moss (Instructor, Exhibitor)

* Ted Rall (Exhibitor, AAEC)
* Gil Roth (Moderator)

* Ben Sears (Exhibitor)
* Katie Skelly (Moderator)

* The Comics Reporter (Festival Director)
* The Nib (Special Guest)
* Tom Tomorrow (Special Guest)

If you're at CXC this year and have a Patreon, .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)



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