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August 14, 2016

Nahed Hattar Jailed In Jordan For Anti-Daesh Cartoon

The Jordanian cartoonist Nahed Hattar has apparently turned himself into police after a warrant was issued for his arrest. The warrant was the result of Hattar making a cartoon on Facebook (his page is I think here) which skewered Daesh/ISIS in a number of indelicate, potentially offensive ways.

One thing that's interesting to me about this news story is that Hattar is what my Mom would call a "piece of work." The writer of the article does a good job summarizing the half-dozen or so ways that the cartoonist's positions place him at odds with different aspects of Jordan's citizenry, and in some cases big chunks of the world that may be outraged at his treatment.

Reading that part of the linked-to article, it strikes me this is one of the difficulties of letting our own sense of moral authority take the place of principle when weighing in on issues like free speech. When you're in a western country with a reasonably strong continuity year to year in terms of values and political controversies, at least concerning who is on what side, it's a lot easier to point and go thumbs-up/thumbs-down than it is when you're dealing with people in places so chaotic they may break a dozen ways across a shattered mirror worth of notions, ideas and policies.
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