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October 10, 2005

News From the Academic Front

1. ICAF starts on Thursday, and if Lord Deathron were to fly over in his spaceship and vaporize the event, the rest of us would finally enter the top 100 of smart people writing about comics. With a Will Eisner retrospective and the presence of a lot of well-known writers and talkers both inside and outside the ivy-covered walls of higher education, it should be a fun event to sit in on if you're in the area. This article previews the show with a few recently translated-works suggestions.

2. I received the following in my inbox. Since I can't find a link anywhere and because I'm nice:
Call For Papers: "Ever-Ending Battle" - Special Symposium on Heroism & Mortality in Comics for Spring 2006 International Journal of Comic Art issue.

The International Journal of Comic Art (IJOCA) is pleased to welcome submissions for the upcoming symposium in its Spring 2006 edition 8.1. The wide focus of the symposium, entitled "The Ever-Ending Battle," will be on issues of mortality in comics, particularly, but not exclusively, the relationship between death and heroism.

Do media such as comic books, comic strips, editorial cartoons, or graphic novels treat death, mourning, bereavement, or even resurrection/rebirth differently from other forms? What are superheroes' relationship to death? How do satirists address the passing of a major real-life figure? What happens when a comic strip creator dies, yet his/her work lives on? Are heroes allowed to mourn (and what allows them to be so often resurrected)? Topics abound - From Superman to little Orphan Annie to the late Hirschfeld to cartoons of Arafat to the rebirth of Green Lantern... and beyond! Papers utilizing the thanatological works of Ernest Becker or Elizabeth Kubler-Ross are especially encouraged.

Submissions are asked to be approximately 5,000 words in MLA format and delivered in Windows-based Microsoft Word, Word Perfect, or rtf formats, either on a computer diskette by postal mail or as an attached file by November 26, 2005 to:

A. David Lewis
IJOCA Ever-Ending Battle Symposium
15 Glenville Avenue #5
Allston, MA 02134

Writers will be notified by December 7 and should be prepared to quickly perform final edits for IJOCA's December 15 deadline. All potential images to be included with the article should be scanned at 300 dpi, converted to black and white JPG format, and submitted with the original November file. Please remember to include full contact information with each submission.

See and for additional background materials.

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