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January 12, 2005

Newsarama on Comics Piracy

Chris Arrant has given Newsarama a lengthy article on comics downloading that may serve readers best as a companion piece to Jason St. Claire's earlier Comic Book Galaxy discussion on the hows and whys of this kind of comic book piracy.

Arrant's essay concentrates a little bit more on advocacy regarding the moral issues involved, and that's the shape the feedback afterwards has taken as well. If you're brave and want to take the temperature of comics fandom on this issue, it certainly seems you can find it here.

For my part, perhaps I'm just old but I never get this kind of thing. The notion that someone has a right to personal consumption that can be weighed against other rights sounds really childish to me. Additionally, arguing a diminished harm or a greater good has always seemed to me little more than facile, slightly pathetic justification for usurping an artist's hard-earned right and corresponding obligation to grant access to a work in a way that he or she sees fit. With the number of options available to show dissatisfaction with a commercial process, I don't think it's necessary to sugercoat the one that exists to satisfy the notion of "Me wanty."
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