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August 5, 2015

Nickelodeon Coming To SPX To Hear Animation Pitches

The Beat has a succinct write up of today's announcement that Nickelodeon is coming to the show to hear pitches. I have not gotten back on Twitter as I'm writing this, but I assume there will be a lot of arguments over whether or not this is in the spirit of the show.

SPX used to have more of a professional development track built into its DNA. Scoring an animated show in 2015 isn't the same as getting your book listed with Diamond in 1997, but it's close in terms of it being something aspirational for a lot of comics folk of that time period. SPX being able to lend a hand seems in line with its current self-conception of serving cartoonists less far along on their career paths, including most of the genuinely young ones. Someone is bound to mention as the article at The Beat has that informal talent scouting has gone at these shows for a while. I think most shows will start to do this kind of thing in a more formal fashion. Professional development is a big part of the show that I'm running here in Columbus, and it seems like something on a lot of folks' minds.

A lot of how well this goes will turn on how it's presented. There are a lot of potential pitfalls in execution. Make too big a deal of it on the floor -- by which I mean any deal -- and you're like to get a lot of sneers and rolled eyes. Better to copy programs at shows where books are quietly bought on the floor from retailers and other buyers at the end of a show. You're also like to get some backlash that this is like having an army recruiter at a teenage crafts fair, that you're saying, basically, "if you want to make it, you have to make it somewhere else." Hopefully we can see some more career-building opportunities that are solely comics-oriented, too.
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