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January 11, 2005

Ninth Art’s Lighthouse Awards ‘04

imageThe largely mainstream-focused on-line commentary and review publication Ninth Art published their year-end awards yesterday. I'm not sure why I missed it, as Ninth Art is something I check out every week, although perhaps I did look at the awards and the terrifyingly phallic logo caused me to black out and forget I had.

I'm going to list their winners here; they actually do runners-up in each category as well.


Best Publisher: DC
Breakthrough Talent: Dustin Nguyen
Outstanding Achievement: Dave Sim
Best New Series: WE 3, by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely, DC Vertigo
Best Continuing Series: Queen & Country by Greg Rucka, Mike Hawthorne, Steve Rolston and Mike Norton, Oni Press
Best Bookshelf Comic: The Filth by Grant Morrison and Chris Weston, DC Vertigo
Best Debut: Street Angel, by Jim Rugg and Brian Maruca, Slave Labor Graphics
Talent Deserving Of Wider Recognition: Becky Cloonan

Yeah, I noticed the title and logo have different years, too.
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