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May 12, 2016

No One Gets To Complain Most Comics Should Sell More

Read this article about a few of the Justice League comics being moved around the schedule.

It may have just caught me in a bad mood, but all of that just reads like gobbledy-gook to me, and I'm a 20-year veteran of looking at this stuff. Chris Arrant is a pretty good writer, too. I don't blame him. I'm sure the message is as clearly conveyed as is possible. It's the message that's the mess. You're talking about moving these titles around and doing relaunches with the same name with the same creators and there are two different titles running and blah blah blah kill me now blah blah blah. It's all stuff that we take for granted makes sense but in a fundamental way it just doesn't; certainly layers upon layers of it don't.

I'm under no illusion that these companies can pull away from this slow death spiral strategy of constantly revamping everything and running things right up to the last second and firing them out the door as if they have no capital on hand and are waiting to pay the gas bill with the next comic book's retail buy-in, and everything gets renumbered and has a slightly different take and when one series has a majority of the same creative team it seems like a total miracle now even though that's what everything was built on -- but man, let's be honest that it's a death spiral. All the skill the comics-makers put on display month after month can't hold back the shudder and heave of a creature devouring its own hind end.

I'm sort in awe of people that love this stuff so much they negotiate its anti-sense on a weekly basis, although I don't know if I'm impressed by their devotion or their ability to endure self-harm. Me, I'm the dope who struggles to find a few comics of this type to buy and ends up buying multiple issues because the covers are different or because I bought one from a previous relaunch that I wasn't interested in following, or they have a one-shot with the same name I can't tell if I'm supposed to have, or I can't which tell adjective of the X-Men has the artist I like looking at because she's not doing the latest issue because there are 17 issues a year now. I gave it a good shot, though.
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