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June 13, 2006

Not Comics: Changes Coming at TCJ

The summer of on-line reorganization continues. Thus far:

1. Wizard Entertainment relaunches site.
2. Comic Book Resources adds Comics Should Be Good
3. The Great Curve Becomes Newsarama's Blog

Today, we get number four. Dirk Deppey announces that he's leaving his current position as managing editor of The Comics Journal, and will re-launch his blog "Journalista" as the centerpiece of a revived site, completely with features like the on-line availability of the magazine to subscribers getting the print edition. I think from what Dirk is saying this will include putting more of its backlog of articles on-line. The Comics Journal doesn't own all of its back material, but a lot of work done by its staffers should be fair game. I also have to imagine that if asked a good number of the freelancers would have no objection to their material being archived.

Michael Dean will assume editorship over the print magazine, which will no longer run a news section.
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