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November 22, 2010

Not Comics: David Rees’ Pencil-Sharpening Enterprise Goes International

The Guardian takes notice of David Rees' pencil-sharpening business with one of those slightly-baffled, freelance, I'll-be-your-straight-man profiles that only the British media seems able to pull off. This response of Rees cracked me up. "The LA Times ran a piece recently and the reaction, the many comments, were split completely along the lines of what it means to be an American now. Half of them celebrated the fact that, in their words, anyone could have the inventiveness to make a go of anything, and thus they should abolish the welfare state. The other half professed despair that there are people rich enough to spend 12 bucks getting their pencil sharpened." This may not be the best cartoonist day-job ever, but it's got to be up there.
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