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April 28, 2015

Not Comics: Game Of Fear

Zachary Jason Of Boston Magazine digs into the personal background of the incident that ignited recent, broad controversy in the gaming world.

I walked out the other side with a bunch of stuff. For some reason, it humanized this for me to see photos of the original principal players -- not made anyone's actions cool or okay, but just sort of intensified the whole affair by making it something that happened to real people rather than some abstract circumstance on the Internet.

The complete inadequacy of law enforcement officials faced with what seems to me to be obvious and open law-breaking strikes me as almost willful. I'm a 46-year-old that drinks budweiser and watches football games and has never owned a video game and it's pretty clear to me what's going on when it gets explained to me like this. My Mom asked me to explain it and it took her 73-year-old self, a retired marketing executive with a penchant for BBC-TV mystery shows, about 250 seconds to grasp the wrongness here. I think we can do better than just aging past the stupidity involved with how to process these things and do a better job of making sure everyone gets up to speed sooner rather than later.

The deliberate, very specific, self-absorbed to the point of creating a black hole action of the male interviewed is terrifying and basically speaks to everything about the lack of principles involved within the thrust of the broader activities. This guy couldn't deal with the reality presented to him. He wanted to hurt back and to justify his child's version of the universe. He was smart enough to do this in a way that flattered enough people in the sweaty lockerroom that is his industry's standard milieu that they'd rally to his side. There's no principle being enacted in such a scenario, there's only collateral damage.

The final thing that struck me is how very, very, very sad that anyone would listen to such an obviously manipulative howl of babyman pain and hear a clarion call to a supposedly larger purpose. It might be personal, but it always kills me that anyone has the time to fill with this kind of bullshit, the idea that you would actually spend hours of your brief time on the planet acting as a member of a mob. It's less than inspiring; it's less than human.
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