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August 7, 2017

Not Comics: Netflix Purchases Mark Millar’s Millarworld

imageThere are deals effectively like the one involving Netflix purchasing the various Mark Millar related books and properties, and maybe even better, but nothing this splashy and nothing creator-in-front. I would imagine its biggest outcome will be to make possible up to a half-dozen other deals (if it does this) and to really put the idea into creatives' heads that if you have the right kind of material and the right kind of profile there are options open to you way beyond servicing corporate-owned characters.

The downside might be that we'll see even more movie pitches as comic book series, something the Millar books have devolved into in a significant way. It used to be you sort of got the movie in comics form, but not so much lately. I like Millar but I also thought he bent the truth a lot in the early part of his career in order to further his PR motives, and I hope no one takes that as a lesson here.

That this happens in the year Jack Kirby would have been 100 might make you stop and think what the value of Kirby's collective creativity might have been under a similar construction, and how much overall editorial contribution was necessary for this to happen.
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