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June 9, 2015

Not Comics: Reflections On Working In Proximity To Art

There's an article here my friends and are passing around about working in the arts, 2015, from a relocating Nathan Rabin. First of all, my heart goes out to that guy. It's a pretty sunny article, but I don't know that anyone likes to lose a job for whatever reason, and transitioning is difficult. I thought the article was interesting and maybe worth reading for all the people that aspire to working whin the comics industry, like I used to when I was at Fantagraphics Books, or in the same neighborhood, like I do now.

The main lesson may be that we all have limited shelf lives. This is true of artists and this is increasingly true of industry folks. This may turn out to be true of writers about the comics form. Placing an expectation of return on these kinds of gigs seems to me just as dangerous as thinking that your art will sustain you.
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