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November 17, 2010

Not Comics: Rick Edmonds On Broad Issues Facing Newspapers’ Viability

I thought this was a fine check-in-on-the-issue piece on the almost impossibly broad issue of newspapers and their continuing viability. There are some issues that I think are important that are dealt with in Edmonds' piece, such as the changes that technology has brought to the newsroom and how this has an impact on the bottom line or the idea that newspapers in different regions face far different issues, but what's there seems judiciously explained. Somehow Edmonds makes all of this bad news sound hopeful, or at least in line with the minority view that newspapers in 2008-2009 were facing a long-overdue readjustment to new realities that had been put off by their monopoly on display advertising as much as they were entering into an unavoidable Armageddon with an inevitable final result.
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