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November 10, 2010

Not Comics: The Paradigm Shift That Gets Much Less Attention

It may be difficult to read this profile of Slate without rolling your eyes a bit if you happen to operate in a world where the standards of success/failure fail to include making the requisite number millions in business income to cover your vaguely-defined expenses, whether or not your devoted offices are properly decorated, some of your non-related and shoot-for-the-stars spin-offs of your core business not all working, paying your half of a fabulous New York City flat and throwing the occasional lavish launch party. There is a valuable message that comes from this piece on the on-line media veteran that's distinct from the standards involved, and it's one that may be wholly applicable to comics: as much time as folks fret/mull/muse over the decline of print vs. the rise of on-line media, the shift on the Internet from resource-based on-line access points to socially-driven, participatory-heavy and multiple platform content streams may be just as important if not more so in terms of establishing long-term economic viability.
thx, Gil Roth

Update: The subject of the profile says the general thrust of it isn't true in Slate's specific case. That's nice, although I'm more interested in the general idea than its ability to describe the specific example.
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