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November 25, 2004

Not Exactly Comics: Fort Thunder Rebuilt?

Writer Tim O'Neil writes in to point out that the new issue of Spin Magazine contains an article that may be of at least oblique interest to fans of cutting-edge art comics:
"... I'm plodding my way through and suddenly I realize that I'm reading an article about Fort Thunder. I read so many music magazines I must admit I absorb most of the articles on autopilot. This was an article about the up-and-coming noise punk scene, and they were discussing a band named Lightning Bolt... which features members named Chippendale and Brinkman (alarm bells should have gone off then but I had my Music hat on and not my Comics hat on) and then they start talking about how they rebuilt the "fabled Fort Thunder" living space in a loft in Providence and they use it for recording their material... I just about blew a gasket because I'll be damned if these two parts of my life ever intersect. It's freaky when they do."

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