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August 24, 2005

Now As Then: Comics Eats Its Young

These were close enough in sentiment and situation I thought them worth posting:

"I just look around at the Big Two and I don't see the same type of circumstances. As you say, one story in 'X-Men Unlimited' and either the writer lands a fairly high-profile mini-series (relative to their experience in the business, at any rate) or simply fades away into obscurity. There's less of a middle ground to inhabit for these guys." -- Joe Casey, The Basement Tapes, 2005

"One of the things we talk about these days is how newer writers in comics now come into the field and start off immediately writing the top title of the line. That's not to say their innate talent couldn't work to their advantage and allow them to turn out a brilliant comic book, but there are reasons why people are eased into writing top titles. When I went to Marvel, they were only publishing about 15 titles a month, so there were far fewer books for me to build up my skills on than there are today. There is just no excuse for people to be thrust into writing name titles before they're ready -- and in some cases falling on their faces and being kicked out of the business." -- Gerry Conway, The Comics Journal, 1981.
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