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August 21, 2006

Numbers, Comics and Graphic Novels

* Active Images is my hero today -- not for announcing the sell-out of their Elephantmen #1 comic from Image, but for attaching the print run's number of 16,000 to that sell-out. Comics publishers have a numbers phobia that rivals my own aversion to cauliflower, so it's nice to see someone being straight up about it.

* Multiple people have e-mailed me this article about #1 Bookscan chart-toppers in the graphic novel category since January 2005, so I apologize if they saw it somewhere I'm not crediting. It includes a link back to 2005's final chart. "One thing is consistent, however: TokyoPop and VIZ dominate, the majority of their titles reaching No. 1" is a heck of a potentially misleading statement, but in general it's a nice look at how the chart-toppers function as chart-toppers.
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