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February 8, 2012

NYT Wants To Run Weekend Cartoons But Only At A Certain Price

Michael Cavna has the best write-up thus far on an issue surging through the editorial cartooning world right now: the New York Times plans to start running weekend cartoons again, but wants to do so at a drastically reduced price -- what one of the folks in Cavna's piece calls more of a reprint fee than what a publication like the Times should be offering for a first-run cartoon.

This is a delicate issue, because the nature of the market and the opportunity represented by the Times suggests that they can charge a low amount and still get what they want from the initiative: people are going to want that low fee and that showcase. You also have leaders in that field that want to move the Times towards that higher price point without scaring them away from providing this new market, basically by appealing to their better nature. I hope it works out on all ends.

Update: A tweet here indicates the pricing may have come from what they pay for illustrations, which opens up an entirely different avenue of discussion.
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