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August 21, 2009

On-Line Comics News Round-Up


* from Bart Beaty comes word that Bludzee, the available-in-multiple-languages strip for the iPhone that the great Lewis Trondheim spoke of during his spotlight panel at CCI, will make its debut in 9+ days. Here's an article; here's the official site with sample strips and a countdown clock. The article notes that the character resembles the Angouleme Festival mascot and that Trondheim is using this opportunity to scratch his longstanding itch to do an American newspaper strip. It will cost 8 Euros a year.

* the writer Kevin Church looks at his own comics on the Kindle DX and likes what he sees and what he can imagine in terms of freed shelf-space and an easier carry-around future. There are certainly comics out there being offered that way -- Armageddonquest is a book that's been recently promoted in terms of a Kindle edition.

* Sony announced that Marvel, Image, Archie and IDW comics would be available for download via the Playstation store and that titles would continue to be added. Or they announced a couple of those publishers and others piped up subsequently, I'm not sure. Here's a fine rundown of what should soon be available and from what deals/channels.

image* the Spider-Woman motion comic featuring work by Alex Maleev and Brian Michael Bendis has apparently done well downloads-wise during its initial few days available on iTunes. I know this because after a long night drinking with a really mean genie last April, every time someone out there types the words "motion comic" I barf a little bit into my mouth. If I remember correctly, Marvel's been pushing this thing since NYCC, so I'm not exactly sure where this fits into their overall release schedule for the effort, or even if there's a non-motion version of it. If I'm halfway understanding how this works -- a big "if" -- I guess it could reflect the tenor of the time: launch work and keep launching it in various platforms and see what clicks.

* the long roll-out for the Longbox project now includes impressive-looking video. I would break from that post's writer and suggest "Shoop Shoop Diddy Wop Cumma Cumma Wang Dang" by Monte Video and the Cassettes as appropriate background music, but that's always my suggestion for appropriate background music.

* does this even sound like a comic?

* the audience and media coverage for that Persepolis 2.0 effort continues to grow.

* finally, Brigid Alverson has a nice post up here about Tokyopop finally getting some of its once-canceled series and paid-for efforts up on the Internet to be finished, I think as part of a more general Internet initiative. It's weird to see this material treated in a semi-cavalier fashion, and it may suggest there's just way more content out there than readers for that content -- not to mention it's really depressing to call art "content."

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