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June 28, 2006

One Volume Bone Book To Return

imageGo here for a look at the press release announcing that Jeff Smith and his Cartoon Books is re-releasing the one-volume Bone edition collecting the entire fantasy series. This is interesting from a couple of angles. One is that the release actually gives figures, such as 50,000 of the OVE previously sold, which is pretty startling at that sales point, and a rough estimate of one million of the Scholastic books already sold. The one-volume Bone is being brought back despite the color volumes continuing, which indicates that Scholastic must agree with some high degree of certainty that the people buying each version come from completely different camps. I can't think of too many deals where a big company like that has agreed to see what some might think of as competing product put back on the shelves; that's a lot of trust they're placing in Smith.
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