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August 15, 2006

Opus: Still Quite the Popular Character

imageIt's not so much the news that Berke Breathed's Opus character, who has traveled with him from Bloom Country through Outland and into the ongoing Opus feature, could be the star of a feature film in 2008 that indicates the character's popularity. It's more that both Alan Gardner at and the Editor & Publisher staff would pick up on this kind of thing as a news story. Opus hasn't been the comics page savior that many thought it would be, but that hasn't dimmed the lead character's star quality in a significant way. Not only does a movie with Opus make perfect sense even if Breathed were to walk away from Opus before 2008 (not that there's been any indication), one probably has to look at Bloom County as one of a few, serious, potential complete-strip collection candidates, which seemed a longshot at one time.
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