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August 29, 2006

OTBP: Big Fun Magazine


I bought the above at a comic book shop for half-price last weekend, expecting it to be some odd British effort from 1984 or something, and was surprised to find that it was almost brand-new. The line-up in my issue (#3) is Bert Christman, Leslie Turner, Warren Tufts and Frank Robbins: vibrant artists, none of whom could be expected to carry a magazine by themselves but together make for a formidable illustration art-showcase style battery. The presentation is nice, too: really simple, boldy-colored covers and an overall package that looks less like Comics Revue and more like the Fantagraphics/Coconino Press Ignatz line.

Newspaper adventure strips aren't for everyone, and there's nothing transcendent about this work that would change a skeptic's mind. But for those familiar with the rhythms and approachs of a now nearly-nonexistent approach to comics, I have to imagine these would be nice additions to the library. Look at them first, though -- they look great to me, but I have little in the way of ability when it comes to discerning reproduction quality.
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