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January 17, 2006

OTBP: New Issue of The Drama Out

imageIt's my understanding that the magazine The Drama, now up to its seventh issue, circulates mostly independent of standard newsstand and comic shop distribution sources. The current issue may be worth tracking for its stellar line-up of cartoonists and comics-content in a comics-heavy issue: A wrap-around cover and feature interview with Elvis Studio by the printmaker and publisher Alvin Buenaventura; a reasonably rare interview with the cartoonist and artist Julie Doucet; and comics by Marc Bell, Mark Burrier, Vanessa Davis, Tom Gauld, David Heatley, Paper Rad, Brian Ralph, Ron Rege Jr, Nicolas Robel, Zak Sally, and Dash Shaw among others. Any three of those cartoonists together in one place would give me cause for at least a pick-up.

I don't know what that image from the magazine is, exactly, but it's cool-looking.
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