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March 3, 2005

Papers Including Chicago Tribune Pass on The Boondocks with Bush Drug Jokes


In the sort of move that's becoming regrettably common, a handful of newspapers including the Chicago Tribune chose not to run a recent episode of Aaron McGruder's The Boondocks. The strip in question made jokes in reference to alleged drug use by President Bush. Of the papers who chose not to run with the most controversial strip, the Chicago Tribune said the reason was that it stated an unconfirmed rumor as fact. The Tribune also chose not to run the next day's strip that made a more oblique reference. The Tribune recently chose not to run a Prickly City strip that invoked Ted Kennedy's Chappaquiddick car accident, a similar case albeit one from the opposite end of the political spectrum. The Boondocks also had trouble with some papers over a Black History Month related strip in February.
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