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July 13, 2006

People Are Talking About Their Comics

image"What made me think of this particular story was my experiences of knowing lots of people who were living there. I just found the different ways the people engaged or didn't with the society that they were living in really interesting. I saw that right from the very beginning because when I arrived I didn't know how to speak Spanish and our friends were some Mexican intellectuals and a bunch of expat journalists. When I saw the way that they lived it was just really interesting to me that there were people who had Mexican friends in their own lives but whenever we would get together in a group it was almost exclusively expat journalists." -- Jessica Abel on La Perdida at


image"A lot of people have brought up that comparison but not in a bad way. But I'm sure there's going to be some fat man at Comicon that yells at me. It was an inspiration but in that Santa's the bad guy and in our book Santa is the hero. There's a reason for the mayhem in our book. But I'm not going to slam that book anymore." -- Brian Posehn at on people comparing his The Last Christmas to the Lobo Christmas Special.


image"Ultimately any decent artist can draw the hell out of a panel -- adding this bit of texture, that bit of background detail -- but to be able to get the 'essential' information across in the panel with no extraneous detail, and only what is needed to tell the 'story' of that panel -- that is something only an experienced artist can do." -- Neil Vokes at Toon Zone on a lesson learned from drawing Superman Adventures.


image"I will be making Maakies until my dying day. I'll be looking across the hospital room at an old man's ass as he shoots diarrhea all over the floor and that will inspire my last Maakies in 2055. Maakies is my life story, my personal diary." -- Tony Millionaire to Kioskerman at Comiqueando.
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