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August 3, 2006

People Are Talking About Their Comics

image"So, as I became a young man, I started to feel that what was required in comics at that point (humor) seemed frivolous or silly. I became more interested in creating works influenced by detective works and a more realistic world. Before I started making these more mature works, there would never have been a murder scene in comics. I started depicting murder scenes and adults committing murder and having no regrets afterward. [When these were published] there were organizations that began pressuring rental shops to censor [them]. They started policing the material, saying these books were a bad influence on children." -- Yoshihiro Tatsumi at PWCW

"Doing stuff for kids is pretty much the same as doing stuff for adults. I just have to exchange the sex and violence and profanity for boogers and pizza and Christmas." -- Johnny Ryan at the UK The Beat

"I perfectly understand that artists have to feed themselves and their children, or that somebody might wish for 'better exposure,' or better money, or that somebody would basically just be open to offers from anyone, and so on. But on the other hand, some artists would not accept higher pay if it meant being part of a shitty collection, or letting down the smaller publisher thanks to which they exist, or just mixing with assholes, etc. I mean, it's still a choice everyone can make. It's just like in the music biz; you'll have the bands that stay at their small label, while others will accept a deal at a major, sometimes for good, most often not. And the question will remain as long as artists wanna make a living with their art." -- JC Menu, from an excerpt of his interview at the site
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