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September 24, 2007

People Are Talking About Zuda.Com

I know that I spent several seconds yesterday urging you if you were thinking about ever submitting to, then it might behoove you to spend less time reading what others were saying and more time analyzing the various deals to see if they were amenable to your sense of what constitutes a fair arrangement. However, for those of you who don't agree with me, or those who have no stake in the matter and just want to follow it as an industry story, you could do much, much worse than a verbal triptych of Chris Butcher, T. Campbell, and Gary Tyrrell.

I think I agree with Butcher that there's an uneasy vibe coming from the entire project -- I'd say that it's in part because the case for submitting is based on assertions and a subtle market critique of the webcomics community as it exists rather than an established track record. I think I agree with Campbell that the exhortation to lawyer up has an element of preemptive hand washing to it, although that's still better than no such push. I think I agree with Tyrrell about a couple of places in the documents where there are holes, although with a reminder that if you encounter a contract with holes, you don't have to wait for the holes to go away for everyone, you can address such holes with your lawyer and come to an individual solution, too.

I think I also agree with the person (I forget which one) who said that on first impression it's not a contract I'd personally be interested in signing. That may be somewhat easier for me to say than most given my lack of interest in working that area of comics, though. Be careful.
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