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September 20, 2012

PictureBox Announces Brandon Graham Art Book For Spring 2013


PictureBox Inc. has announced a forthcoming art book with the cartoonist Brandon Graham called Walrus for Spring 2013.

Walrus will be color, softcover and 112 pages. According to the material released to CR by Publisher Dan Nadel, the work will collect "drawings and sketchbook comics spanning 2009-2012." There will also be healthy process elements and a bunch of stuff on inspirations/obsessions. With Graham working on multiple popular series during his artistic emergence over the last 36 months or so, an art book that provides kind of an initial introduction -- or re-orientation, really, if you think about it -- is likely to be more than welcome. I think Graham's the real deal, and I look forward to this book -- just about the better art books from comics-makers come out from smaller publishers anymore.
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