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June 1, 2006

Pirate Bay Shut Down in Sweden

imageSlashdot has been all over a story from Sweden about the seizure of servers held by the group Piratbyran/The Pirate Bay for their file-sharing facilitation services. According to this article e-mailed to me by several people by way of Slashdot, and as filtered by my complete lack of perspective on and knowledge about file sharing, the group claims not to be subject to legal penalties because they don't host any copyrighted material on their computers, merely files that point people towards computers where this information is held. The group is politically conscious, and kind of backed into providing the computer services interrupted yesterday when a group in Slovenia shut down. The Pirate Bay was named in a recent LA Times article as a place to find same-day comics downloads.

The group is expected to back up and operating soon; whether or not a legal resolution is likely remains unclear.
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