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March 23, 2011

Please Consider Supporting Hans Rickheit


Via an article at Robot 6 comes word of this post where the cartoonist Hans Rickheit lets us know that he recently lost his job and this has put a strain both on his beautiful web comic Ectopiary and on life in general.

Rickheit's one of those cartoonists at that key place in their careers where they should be making comics as frequently as possible but may have to do so without the audience that many of us are certain will one day fall in love with his work. We're at an historical place in comics' development where this step isn't as funded even in the modest way it used to be. That's where you and I get to flex our patronage muscles, receiving tremendous value in return in the shape of original art or books from the cartoonist. It's one of the best things about being a fan of this art form at this time, and I'll hope you'll consider delving into Rickheit's work a bit and maybe doing something if the mood strikes you.
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