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March 23, 2011

Please Consider Supporting Portland’s Reading Frenzy

imageVia this extended post by Wow Cool's Marc Arsenault comes word of this announcement by Portland's 'zine-centric bookstore Reading Frenzy that they could use whatever patronage you can afford right now. My trips to Reading Frenzy were always much looked forward to when I lived in the Pacific Northwest in the 1990s because it was there I most thoroughly accessed the 'zine continents of the comics making world, and 'zines themselves more widely, at a time when there was I think a much greater connection between those two expressions (it's hard to imagine the few 'zine-centric news stories that made it into TCJ back then being news stories now, even with the variety of sites out there).

Anyway, what's nice about this plea is they're aiming for broad support rather than a few, perhaps worn down patrons; and they have a huge list of possible choices if you're in. That Aaron Renier print sampled in this post is lovely, and I can't imagine if you have a pal in Portland they couldn't put to use a gift certificate. Even if you don't have any money you might be able to spread the word or friend them up on Facebook. We need every outlet we can for comics and related forms of expressions moving forward.
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