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March 18, 2011

Politicians Condemn Hard-Hitting Steve Bell Cartoon

imageA cartoon published yesterday from award-winner Steve Bell has drawn an initial volley of mostly attacks, including its condemnation by high-level politicians from both the Conservative and Labour parties. The cartoon savages the Queen's renaming of the town Wootton Bassett "Royal Wootton Bassett" in recognition of its silent street-side tributes to the bodies of soldiers returned from the Afghanistan and Iraq conflicts. In a cartoon more proudly going after political double-speak, Bell calls the town "Royal Wootton Deathfest." While what would seem to be the point of the cartoons has been supported by some respondents, there wouldn't be a blog post like this one if there wasn't a bunch of response in the negative. Whether you like or detest the actual cartoon, it's nice to see a paper and a cartoonist being subjected to criticism that doesn't lead to an instantaneous retraction and apology.
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