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April 26, 2016

Possible Movement In Atena Farghadani Case; Drastic Sentence Reduction Could Mean Imminent Release

Wire reports are picking up on word from cartoonist Atena Farghadani's lawyer Mohammad Moghimi communicated to the Associated Press and the Cartoonist Rights Network International that artist Atena Farghadani jailed for a string of reasons that started with the drawing of Iranian authority figures as animals, may be released soon. The construction is that the sentence will be reduced to 18 months, which is nearly time served.

This would be a wonderful thing for that skilled, brave artist to be released, having gone to jail for the kind of expression that should be fairly common in any nation with any interest at all in modernity. It also underlines how desperate and weird and authoritarian the original decision against Farghadani was, how unnecessary it was and how against the current thrust of history it stood. All those involved with Farghadani serving any jail time will hopefully move along from power sooner rather than later.
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