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March 5, 2007

Potential Newspaper Comics Cuts

* Chuck Asay and his Asay's View will no longer appear on a daily basis at the Colorado Springs Gazette according to this editorial in praise of the cartoonist by Editor Sean Paige. It sounds like Asay is retiring, but I can't 100 percent tell. Paige certainly seems fond of him.

* I've received an e-mail indicating that the LA Times may have cut some strips -- Mr. Boffo, La Cucaracha, Mallard Fillmore and Candorville -- in a rearrangement that eliminates a third comics page and squeezes two extra strips onto the remaining pair. Three of the four are very opinionated strips as I recall, so I'm wondering if they've found purchase elsewhere. I tried to confirm, but no one answered or returned my call. But it looks like at least the La Cucaracha news is true.
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