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July 21, 2006

PR: Verizon Gives Building to CCS

imageI don't have much to add to this press release about Verizon giving the 1922 telephone building in White River Junction, Vermont to the Center for Cartoon Studies. But I think it's worth noting as it's been a remarkably quiet summer for CCS as it heads into its second full year. I have to imagine that exuding business-as-usual attitude so early in its institutional life is a good thing as far as the school goes. Heck, I was more of a noisy, needy mess when I was trying to go to school my sophomore year, as opposed to operating an entire school. Also, if you're looking to expand you physical plant, and you can make use of a building when it's given to you, you must be doing okay in terms of both administrative skill and operational expenses. Lets hope I'm reading those signs correctly.

From the "news you can use if you're of a certain inclination" department, the Center has also announced a scholarship in partnership with Diamond Comic Distributors, Inc.
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