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October 21, 2004

Prickly City Suffers Porn Prank

The conservative-leaning comic strip of widely-syndicated editorial cartoonist Scott Stantis, Prickly City appears in either 70 or just over 100 papers according to what reports you read, meaning a strong or a really strong sales opening for a feature just a few months old.

One more sign of the strip's success: someone took the time to prank it.

In a story reported by Editor & Publisher and soon to seep into other newspapers (scroll down a bit), a fake URL used by the cartoonist in the strip was registered and then linked so that anyone curious was re-directed to a porn site. Since it happened after publication, efforts to double-check the URL by editors earlier in production came up blank.

Little is known about the scope of any potential reader complaints, beyond that the syndicate was alerted through their client paper in Buffalo. According to the E&P piece, Stantis framed the prank in terms of coarse dialogue, a dirty trick lofted his way based on political beliefs, while his wife joked that at least it meant people were reading her husband's work.
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