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December 8, 2004

Sakka Profiled Again; Ponent Mon to Take on Multi-Volume Series

imageThis is a brief, French-language profile of the not-really Sakka line at Casterman , the latest home for a specific type of manga, the kind that does well with European audiences and making some headway with English-language audiences via the Ponent Mon/Fanfare line. We've talked about it recently, although barring some breaking publishing news it never hurts to go through this kind of thing again.

This specific article should be of interest to only the most hardcore comics publishing followers. The best-known artist seen to co-exist with this set of overlapping groups is probably Jiro Taniguchi, but the most important figure might be Frederic Boilet, whose super-cool brief biography (in English) can be seen here.

Here's something new (well, new to me) I just noticed on that Ponent Mon site is that Taniguchi's Bocchan No Jidai is planned.

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