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October 11, 2005

Publishers Focus on Alan Moore


Alan Moore may be scaling back his involvement in comic books a bit, but publishers remain deeply interested in recontextualizing and repackaging his most successful work. On the heels of the fancy Watchmen: The Absolute Edition comes DC's announcement they'll collect Moore's DCU work (although I swear something like this was done before), about half of which is superb work of its kind. The European magazine Rumore plans to spotlight Moore's work (following similar efforts on Ranxerox and Sin City), which is where the above art came from, via the great web site and news resource

Update: Alan David Doane, Sean Collins, Ralf Haring and Mark Sharar have all written in to tell me the new Moore DCU book is a repackaging of "Across the Universe: The DC Universe Stories of Alan Moore," with "The Killing Joke" and "Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorow?" added in. They've also informed me that this doesn't please all retailers, who not only had the later two works go out of print on them to make way for the new book, but that some may disagree that customers are better served having all this work in one placee. I am thankful for readers like these who are sharper than I am.
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