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March 5, 2007

Publishing News & Notes 03/05/07

* Brigid Alverson talks to Kurt Hassler about plans for Yen Press to do a manga magazine. Hassler says this isn't a quixotic notion for his still-new company despite the degree of difficult involved, and that the profits and loss figures he's seeing make it viable.

* For all I know this was announced weeks and months or even years ago, but I received e-mail this morning that indicates Marvel assistant editor Sean Ryan is no longer with the company, so there you go.

* The new print version of Cracked folds after its third issue. I never saw it; it wasn't purely comics so I didn't seek it out. I got the sense Cracked wasn't a strong enough brand to carry off any of the more difficult aspects of its proposed revival, like print, without a major-league investment or super-smart spin on how to do a humor magazine now, and even then I wouldn't have favored any plan that didn't carry with it some diminished expectations in terms of circulation.
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