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September 3, 2019

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Marilyn Greenwald profiles James Thurber.

* Karina Yan Glaser on Pumpkinheads. Angie Mortoccio on Life On The Moon. Jeff Spry on Harley Quinn: Breaking Glass.

* I have no idea how anyone can conceive of Doomsday Clock as a sequel to Watchmen in anything except the most blunt, character-sharing way. What a strange to exist.

* I wondered if someone posted the Jack Kirby: Story Teller video back on the King's birthday.

* BC's "Cute Chick" and "Fat Broad" now have names: Grace and Jane. Well... that's a story that could have been done in 1973.

* a literary agency devoted to comics seems inevitable rather than newsworthy. Good luck to them, and to the artists they choose to represent.

* not comics: wow, we have weird ideas now about how art is supposed to work. A line item for painting over art is terrifying to me no matter how much money is set aside to fight lawsuits.

* Karama Horne on Alitha Martinez.

* finally: a bunch of the AV Club folks look at DC's graphic novels aimed at young readers.
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