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September 5, 2019

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* missed it: apparently Dark Horse has broken ties with the writer Brian Wood, after previous accusations of sexual harassment were added to and extended by the journalist, editor and writer Laura Hudson. I have not done the work I need to do to say anything super-smart about the details that hasn't been said already. It sounds horrible. One thing I hope that happens here is that with 1) a person feeling free to talk about older incidents, as they should, and 2) a company taking action about a hire this way, which they should, I pray it will help move us out of this space where someone might be choosing not to respond because "I'll just get in more trouble no matter what I say, so no response, but I will assert my explanation off the record" is a viable strategy. It isn't, or it isn't one where the vague implication of an element of untruthfulness should be granted the same legitimacy of someone clearly stating things. (In that spirit, please remember that everything I receive in correspondence I don't clear in advance as off-limits is fair game to be printed).

* it's definitely the end of traditional summer now, so it's a nice time to clear out any pre-orderables at your local comics shop, start the Fall with a clean slate. It was a tough summer for a lot of our specialty retailer friends.

* finally, I'm glad to have this level of support if I choose to figure out the current x-men comics.
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