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February 14, 2006

Rall Mulls Suit Over Holocaust Crack

I find this story so odd on so many levels I'm not even sure I should be linking to it, but I guess Ted Rall is considering suing some person named Ann Coulter over a crack that Rall, Trudeau and the New York Times are the only people to thus far enter an Iranian contest for Holocaust cartoons. No word yet on whether Ann Coulter is considering a similar lawsuit against her joke writers.

According to the article, Rall will sue if he can raise enough money to file, which makes me think there's an ABC television show to be made where a team of bright, huggable people drive around in a winnebago and give people who don't have it the money to file lawsuits. You could see them cry and say things like, "I can finally make my ex-wife's life a living hell" while high-fiving local litigators as a John Mayer song plays.
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