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July 5, 2017

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Rob Clough on Pretending Is Lying. Someone at Bookmunch on On The Camino.

* not comics: that is an amazing looking home-and-studio set-up.

* I read all the Secret Empire comics to date. Yeah, I know. One thing that's hard for me to understand is how the good guys are losing, let alone losing badly. The people aligned with Captain America all seem like fourth-rate losers of the kind he has routinely and all by himself beat up over the years. The good guys not taken off the board include people like Iron Man, the Thing, Hercules and at least one Hulk -- all of whom seem to me capable of defeating the entire bad-guy squad by themselves. It's like the Circus of Crime has taken over the country, or The Enforcers, except both of those groups are more fun. One of Jonathan Hickman's more significant talents displayed in mainstream comics was creating formidable opponents and obstacles for the Marvel Heroes, making this subsequent threat seem like even more weak sauce.

* Mark Newgarden talks to Bill Schelly.

* finally: bookmarks.
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