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April 24, 2017

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Todd Klein on Cave Carson #5.

* I didn't get too far into this discussion over whether or not Team Valiant think Valiant is an indie comics publisher, but I suspect by the old definition you could argue that. Indie publishers were originally 1980s comics companies whose distinction was ownership independent of classic newsstand publishers like Marvel and DC. People felt that the switch in ownership was key in allowing a broader range of better comic books. Alternative comics, by contrast, came slightly later, and were mostly publishers that believed that there had to be further devotion to making material that contrasted sharply with the industry's dominant genres and modes. I don't know how useful either definition is applied to now, particularly in that Valiant's 1990s heyday was as a company that hoped for equal footing with the classic newsstand giants by operating in much the same way: company-owned, editorially-driven, shared-universe, creatively assigned serial comic books. The ownership of Modern Valiant, though, seems to be constructed differently, with slight variations in editorial emphases as a result, and like the 1980s companies they strive to derive advantage from that.

* the real answer, of course, is "who gives a shit?" Apparently, there was an award involved.

* by request extra: the Family Man crowd-funder nears its initial goals with rapidity. I quite like both of those creators, although I wasn't a fan of this collaboration in the mid-1990s and I don't remember a whole lot of people disagreeing with me in that reviews at the time weren't strong, its line didn't receive a boost from it, and since then it's been a cheap used-book staple. Still, that's a comic many people could enjoy; it's certainly one they're willing to support with pledged money.

* finally, French cartoonists react to the recent first stage of the two-stage election in France. You'll find some of the takes frighteningly familiar.
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