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January 18, 2015

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* I know that at least Man Of Action and Graham Annable are comics people deserving of a late congratulations from this site on their contributions to Academy Award-nominated work. Sorry if I'm missing others. As little as I care about the Oscars they are important to people in that industry and a lot of people generally, and they can be a career-changing, first-line-of-one's-obituary event.

image* Laura Hudson recommends five comics for you to be reading.

* another use for variant covers. It's too bad Rolling Stone didn't mention the artist Nick Gazin.

* Leslie Stein coloring Pascal Girard.

* a few of you sent along a link to this Boulet cartoon, which because of its moving parts is hard for me on this particular computer to do an image for linking. Because he's so prolific we forget how many people are looking at him for these kind of limited-effect movement comics, as they seem to work pretty well for him.

* for some unknown reason someone on my Facebook feed linked to this review of all 100 Marvel Two-In-One issues. That was the Marvel comic where various characters would team up with The Thing. I think it was him for all 100 issues; I remember that some of the Marvel Team-Up issues didn't feature main star Spider-Man. Anyhow, I like old-school fan projects like this one, and I like the idea of these coimcs existing and maybe even finding their way into some kid's hands.

* Mike Lynch profiles Gluyas Williams.

* finally, here's a nice Adrian Tomine cover.
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