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September 24, 2007

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

Stories from hither and yon; more hither, less yon:

* Another group in France has demanded something in relation to the racism believed inherent to Tintin Au Congo: an explanation inserted inside. I thought there was already an introduction to that edition giving at least the historical context for the depictions?

* Mega-popular cartoonist Zep finds the whole idea of messing with Tintin absurd.

* I think this is a real: an interview with bounty-on-his-head Swedish artist Lars Vilks maintains the artist is checking for car bombs before taking a drive.

* John Nee has been promoted to Senior VP of Business Develop at DC Comics. He was instrumental in bringing that company to manga through its CMX and Flex deals.

* Not comics: I think it'd be funny if they never made a Justice League of America movie, and instead just allowed it to exist to generate "hey, look who we're casting" stories from here to the end of time.
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